Hi! I am Elemar Jr.

My Skills

I work as a consultant, as curator and as a mentor of technologies and business. I am specialist in software architecture and the development of solutions with high level of complexity or a high computational cost. I also have expertise in innovation strategy.

I work in organizations, helping programmers, architects, and executives develop software that meets business needs.

Clients in Brazil, Israel and United States

I work with companies of different sizes, many of which are internationally known and are references in their areas of business. These companies develop IT solutions for several sectors such as the:

  • financial market;
  • human resources;
  • hotel businesses;
  • the furniture industry.
  • clubs;
  • insurances;
  • facial recognition;
  • tools for developers and others

More than 20 years of experience

I was a part of the team at Promob Software Solutions, a leader in the furniture industry in Latin America, mainly offering tools for 3D interior design. At Promob, I was a developer, a manager, a solutions architect, and a researcher. Nowadays I continue as a consultant and, together, we improve the way the continent design, produces and sells furniture.

RavenDB team member

The NoSQL database developed by Hibernating Rhinos is used by major players around the world. In the company, I have the opportunity to work with internationally recognized professionals, such as Ayende.

Microsoft Most Valuable Provessional (MVP)

Microsoft has awarded me since 2012. I am a keynote speaker at some of the most prestigious technology and innovation events including QCON, TDC, DeveloperWeek, and TechEd.